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“Enjoying the little things and exploring the world, since year 2008.”

Nature activities, hiking and mountain biking as well as water activities.

Explora Mijas Turismo Activo -Quienes somos   In Explora Mijas you will be able to do outdoor activities, in the surroundings of the municipalities of the Province of Málaga, along its coasts and mountains; these activities have a playful character, in a natural and privileged environment in the heart of the western Costa del Sol and the Malacitana Sierra. Activities are combined by paths and trails in winter season, changing into some aquatic activities and other nocturnal ones in summer time. To do all this you don´t need to be in excellent physical condition, because the routes are not designed exclusively for athletes, but for all those people who want to enjoy nature, fall in the love with it practicing multiple adventure activities such as cycling routes (MTB), hiking, snorkelling to dive in the seabed, kayak trips in the Province of Málaga

(*) Does not include bicycle rental. Rental prices 10 €/basic bicycle

Water activities

Ascent through the riverbed (hiking through the water), snorkelling, diving with basic equipment (goggles, tube and fins), kayak in the modalities of single-seater or two-seater..

Places where hiking and biking activities take place:

In the surroundings of the Province of Málaga, more specifically in the municipality of Mijas and surrounding towns, by sea and mountain, extending its range of performance as requested by the client. Then we offer the tourist a wide range of natural spaces that could visit, throughout the Province of Málaga.

  • …….. (western Costa del Sol)
  • …….. (interior of the region)
  • …….. (most western part of Málaga)
  • …….. (full capital Málaga)
  • …….. (eastern Costa del Sol, La Axarquía)

Maximum groups of 10 persons


It will be necessary to reserve each activity individually 48 hours prior to the realization of the same, making the deposit by bank transfer or confirmation to the company for subscribers.

15 € hiking and mountain biking/25 € aquatic activities

The duration of the activities is calculated for a maximum of 4 hours, includes prior explanation of safety, are activities of short duration

Activities with duration between 8 and 10 hours, including travel, are considered activities of long duration, the price is not the fixed in the rates.

All activities include monitor, accident insurance, liability insurance and permits necessary to carry out activities in compliance with the law.

Account number to make reservations: Banco Santander 0049 0659 153399138169

Loyalty card:

Winter season subscriptions: 50 €/person, to perform 6 routes, 5 activities + 1 free (average maximum duration 5 hours) spread throughout the season;

Does not include rental of equipment such as bicycle, kayak, boards or wetsuits; payment of subscriptions will be made in the months of October and May exclusively (being the rest months without activities)



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